Every situation has the end and from every situation comes new beginning.


The song, to which I m not listless, even if it would sound in the dim distance...

You Took My Heart Away
(by MLTR)

Staring at the moon so blue
Turning all my thoughts to you
I was without hopes or dreams
I tried to dull an inner scream but you
saw me through

Walking on a path of air
See your faces everywhere
As you melt this heart of stone
you take my hand to guide me home and now
I'm in love

You took my heart away
when my whole world was gray
You gave me everything
and a little bit more
And when it's cold at night
and you sleep by my side
you become the meaning of my life

Living in a world so cold
you are there to warm my soul
You came to mend a broken heart
You gave my life a brand new start and now
I'm in love

You took...

Holding your hand
I won't fear tomorrow
Here were we stand
we'll never be alone


In love life changes, but then we start to live in imaginary world.



Once we dreamed that we are strangers.
We woke up that to find
That we are dear to each other.

(Rabindranath Tagore)

Every day gives us new opportunity, new experiences and sometimes strained efforts are like the stairs, which lead us to the top. And sometimes even if we have an opportunity, we often let the fear, difficulties or confusions hinder us. But we don’t lose anything in our lives, because all previous experiences create better conditions in the present and the present’s difficulties bring fruits in the future. Somewhere I read: “Don’t turn out from each other, but let’s look to each others face while the dark clouds will go away”...



Immense... unexplainable... indecisive...
Hidden flame in heart...
In pain of silent longing it floods without give up.

I woke up... hesitate...
Was it a truth or hazy dream again...
Then why I get that feeling, that you just touched my face?

I vanish in the days, in reveries...
And pick up the pearls of memories...
Some unique blinks of reality will never disperse to emptiness.
(R. Oz. 2008-01-19)


2009 09 07 ...

Sometimes even strange, how some our life’s events can be imprinted so deep in our memory. Such event usually ends as soon as had been started. But long and bright recollection remains of that person, who took part in it.



"If there are miracles in the world, then these miracles are in Taize”. These words said us our trip organizer in the bus going to Taize.
Taize is the small village in France where Taize Community lives, which founder is Brother Roger, known as a place of pilgrimage. Taize Community unites around 100 monks – brothers from 30 countries and whose are representative of Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant religion. Taize is open to everyone, no matter belief or religion, maybe that’s why thousands of pilgrims: old or young, alone, by groups or with family come to visit it and not one time. People come here from various countries of all over world for various reasons: to pray, to study Bible, for general work, to share thoughts or experience, to gain new friends, to meditate in silence or just to find themselves, to get answers to questions.
I had never been good catholic, but had belief that something exists greater than us, who can turn our decisions to other way, in spite of that we planed everything carefully and it seemed our matter was in our hands. Our life is going as it is need because of someone correct it according your good or bad acts. Ah, is it not heaven and hell in the Earth? Taize was just incitement to grasp this reflection.
What a miracle I found in Taize? I would tell that miracles are always in us, no need to go far that to understand that. But sometimes it is need simple evidence as I found there: firstly atmosphere – everyone is smiling, making jokes, even World crisis was forgotten. At pray times in the church there are silence minutes and big miracle is that every one of 4000 or 6000 people during it do not let out any noise. To get breakfast, lunch or dinner, because of huge number of persons, it is need to wait long row, but miracle that no one push each other or hurry. I didn’t get chance to get work there, but I was surprised watching at young people singing songs and with big desire serving food, washing dishes or cleaning toilets without any reward! I m already not talking about impress ional, warmth, sincerity conversation with monks, whose you can find evenings in the church and any of them are open to talk with you about any of your matter. I m not talking about different nationality people, whose are friendly to each other, without looking at color, race or faith. Such “miracles” can be in every country, but so far it is possible in Taize. Sure, realistically speaking, Taize is not heaven, it is happen solitary instances, but I can say courageously – that’s a holy place.
Would I come back there again? As I said sometimes it is need only stimulus to open your eyes for something, which I already got from there.

Taize bells inviting to the church for pray.

Lunch time...

Waterfall in the silence park.

Last evening pray with candels.

Taize will always reminds me Oyah evening songs, silence and friendship...


Waves in the sea will never calm down. Don’t stand expecting that before going to swim. Wise people learn various ruses how to avoid every beat of the wave, get tenacity. Weak people leave the sea or searching other, expecting that situation with the waves will change…
Life is not such game, which if you don’t like – you refuse to play. Life is serious, thoughtful mosaic. If you will stand, without making step and look how your life or love is passing by like the waves in the sea, one day you will find out, that you waste your time here…


Carpe diem...

Recently I wrote work in my University about happiness as most vivid expression of human’s subjectivity. It wasn’t hard to write, even if I wasn’t happy that time, but as everyone I had experienced this feeling. The hardest thing what I found, how to get formula of constant happiness and feel happy even when your life is going not so well…
Did Napoleon know this formula of happiness as he wrote note in Elba island, where he was exiled, which sounded like this: “Napoleon is happy everywhere”.
Did Epicurus has constant happiness as he said: “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is a way. Our life is breaking while all the time we keep on delaying to live” or Roman poet Horace, whose famous phrase still living now: “Carpe diem!”
I found out, that our understanding is a power! Let’s be frank – our surroundings influence to our happiness, but let’s not worry about things which we unable to change: we can’t change traffic in the morning, can’t change people, so we have to focus on things what we can change. Let’s make happiness a decision which we make ourselves.
Try to find happiness in the simple things: morning sunbeams, which wake you up, warm coffee in your palms, fresh air blow to your face, wind playing in to your hairs… Will you say it is utopian? Yes, it is so easy to be negative, but only positive things induce happiness. Sure we will not avoid problems in our life, someone will hurt us, someone will do something, sometimes we will get unlucky days, but we are able to get through all it. Life is like love – big hard work, but it is our own choice how to live it, how to react to situations. Every day in your life make progress of making valuable and happy day. Start from simple steps and ask yourself: “What did I accomplish today?” Spiritual practice is to seek and strive, but not to disappoint!


Art of Living by Sri Ravi Shankar

Last year i was searching to go somewhere where i can get more knowledges about yoga and life understanding and I got offer to go to the course in Lithuania (Nida) called "Art of Living" which founder is spiritual and humanitarian leader, known in whole world Sri Ravi Shankar. I was wondering there from the first lesson. Lessons were more rich of spirituality, love, knowledges about life, asanas, breathing, meditation than i expected and all these were giving to you by most easy way - play/simple exercises which can make old person as well as youth! I got to know some truths which i strive to use in my own life:

1. Be here and now - this moment invaluable.

2. Do not bind to expectation - it decrease joy, because it rarely fulfil.

3. Don't try, but do. And if you start to do something - make it 100 %.

4. Present moment is unavoidable. It is - how it is, but everything will pass away.

5. We are responsible for everything (our own life, happiness, state).

6. Accept everything: sleeplessness, thoughts, because if you will oppose to your mind - it will clutch you more.

7. Give your hand first. And love anyway...

So simple rules, but some of it i still hardly trying to accomplish.

In a Hold of the Moment

Grasp the moment,
Don’t be listless…
Hear the rain in a dim distance!

Spread your heart,
Hug your love,
Greet the sun in waking up!

Forget your fate,
Live in the dreams,
Do not waste your days in nil.

Give, the same as you receive,
Learn from faults,
And, please, believe…

Fly inside,
Dance in your soul,
Stop the moment, perceive your goals…

(R.Oz. 2008-08-05)