Art of Living by Sri Ravi Shankar

Last year i was searching to go somewhere where i can get more knowledges about yoga and life understanding and I got offer to go to the course in Lithuania (Nida) called "Art of Living" which founder is spiritual and humanitarian leader, known in whole world Sri Ravi Shankar. I was wondering there from the first lesson. Lessons were more rich of spirituality, love, knowledges about life, asanas, breathing, meditation than i expected and all these were giving to you by most easy way - play/simple exercises which can make old person as well as youth! I got to know some truths which i strive to use in my own life:

1. Be here and now - this moment invaluable.

2. Do not bind to expectation - it decrease joy, because it rarely fulfil.

3. Don't try, but do. And if you start to do something - make it 100 %.

4. Present moment is unavoidable. It is - how it is, but everything will pass away.

5. We are responsible for everything (our own life, happiness, state).

6. Accept everything: sleeplessness, thoughts, because if you will oppose to your mind - it will clutch you more.

7. Give your hand first. And love anyway...

So simple rules, but some of it i still hardly trying to accomplish.

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