Carpe diem...

Recently I wrote work in my University about happiness as most vivid expression of human’s subjectivity. It wasn’t hard to write, even if I wasn’t happy that time, but as everyone I had experienced this feeling. The hardest thing what I found, how to get formula of constant happiness and feel happy even when your life is going not so well…
Did Napoleon know this formula of happiness as he wrote note in Elba island, where he was exiled, which sounded like this: “Napoleon is happy everywhere”.
Did Epicurus has constant happiness as he said: “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is a way. Our life is breaking while all the time we keep on delaying to live” or Roman poet Horace, whose famous phrase still living now: “Carpe diem!”
I found out, that our understanding is a power! Let’s be frank – our surroundings influence to our happiness, but let’s not worry about things which we unable to change: we can’t change traffic in the morning, can’t change people, so we have to focus on things what we can change. Let’s make happiness a decision which we make ourselves.
Try to find happiness in the simple things: morning sunbeams, which wake you up, warm coffee in your palms, fresh air blow to your face, wind playing in to your hairs… Will you say it is utopian? Yes, it is so easy to be negative, but only positive things induce happiness. Sure we will not avoid problems in our life, someone will hurt us, someone will do something, sometimes we will get unlucky days, but we are able to get through all it. Life is like love – big hard work, but it is our own choice how to live it, how to react to situations. Every day in your life make progress of making valuable and happy day. Start from simple steps and ask yourself: “What did I accomplish today?” Spiritual practice is to seek and strive, but not to disappoint!

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  1. YOU are a very sensitive person,smart and very positive. Congratulacions. H.Mesquita